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We are here to help you with using you mobile for your business and setting up an online presence from both Bournemouth and Taiwan, This way we can offer you better support around the clock to help you with your business. Between us we love everything to to with website, design development and marketing as well as mobile devices.

If your business doesn’t have a website or it needs an update you can contact us we are here to help and get back to you as best we can within 24 hours. Having an up to date online presence involves being mobile device friendly and integrated with social media. We know that most people have a website, yet not everyone is making the most of having one or doesn’t have a website that as everything it needs to reach a broad audience. We want to analyse your website, let you know what can be done to improve your websites performance, make people enjoy using it and showcase the best of your business in digital format.

We want all companies to have great websites on desktop, tablet & mobile devices that showcase the best of your website and look great on desktop when at home as well as mobile when on the go. David has knowledge of both working on developing websites as well as mobile networks from working in telecoms for business customers, so i know what demanding customer are looking for and how best to help them.

If you’re having mobile network problems we want to help you get back on the web and making calls. Please give us a call from our Contact Us page or follow us on Linkedin as we continue to support people.

Digital Media Blog

This is our blog for all things mobile network and website usability related.

What is a UX/UI Designer?

Both UX/UI designers look at the design and layout of the website but from different vantage points. Both want the website to be a good experience for the end user to use. “UX designers are Read more…

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