What and what I plan to be and do in the future

  • Carve a career where I’m skilled, trusted and in a job that varied and interesting to me.
  • I want to contribute to a good cause, own shares in a beneficial and important company that changing the world for better.
  • I want to be someone fully in control of my life, independent, calm, intelligent and inspiring to others.

What I want to be known for.

  • Being adventurous, being interested in other cultures and being able to adapt and be open to other ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Being a good loyal friend to others I have made and have made a positive difference in my life.
  • Being someone who is constantly looking to improve himself, where he succeeds or usually fails. This can be anything from doing an online course on marketing or learning to drive.

What I’m doing at the moment

  • I’m always looking to improve on my language skills, whether this be with learning a new language or improving my vocabulary.
  • I’m reading up on books to best understand people, what makes them angry, way to avoid it, different people skills. As having strong people skills in your work and personal life are really important.
  • I’m working on developing the skills to make me better at the things I enjoy and intimately take me closer to the ‘perfect job’ where I’m loving every day and earning great money and living without stress.