About UK network coverage

When you use your phone you have network coverage from the mobile network you purchased it from in your home country. For example if I’m in the UK and I have an EE handset with credit I can expect network coverage when I’m near an EE mast for 2G, 3G and 4G signal.

What is roaming?

When you go abroad Europe the networks are different and not the same as at home. This is where roaming comes in! When you take your EE handset to Spain for example, EE does not have masts there but it does have a ‘roaming agreement’ with the networks there. This means that when you enable roaming on your handset the EE network coverage piggybacks off the back off of a network mast in Spain and provides signal. In the past, this used to be a really costly thing you would use sparingly, but most networks include ‘roam like at home’ when in EU countries.

How to enable roaming

Most smartphones now have a roaming setting in the data settings within the main settings menu. For help on getting setup with data roaming for your business trip or holiday, I can provide some help on what you need to do on your device once you land.

How to enable Data Roaming on Most Android Devices

Settings > Wireless & networks or Connections > Mobile Network > Data Roaming

For a guide on this for Samsung handsets, for you can check out Vodafone’s Guide on how to Enable Data Roaming.

Enabling Data Roaming in Apple iPhone Devices

On iPhones, I imagine that the process is a bit more standardised, to enable date roaming on most iPhone handsets it should go something link this: –

Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Data Roaming > toggle the switch to enable

For a general guide on how to enable this you can check out EE’s Data Roaming Guide on their website for step by step instructions.

Brexit and Roam like at Home

From what I have seen these ‘roam like at home’ tariffs will continue to remain the same for mobiles after Brexit. Mobile networks need to ensure that mobile use for business customer remains seamless for comminication between the UK and the EU regardless of the Brexit deal.

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