I like to travel and photograph the world!

Photography to me and many of us is where you capture beautiful moments in time you want to share and keep forever.

Photography generally shows us the world and precious moments thought our lives and the lives of others. They show you how beautiful the world is and also some important or noteworthy events. They have their value, maybe not realised until you lose them (remember to back them up).

I’m not saying I’m a photographer only the act of going out there to capture photographs of new and interesting things to show people has its value to me. I’m sure I’m not alone here. It’s been a great way and reason to want to get out there, and see the world (and sometimes just my town), to hopefully be in the right place in the right time! It’s likely the guy who photographed Napalm Girl, Nick Ut didn’t expect to be taking an iconic photo of the Vietnam War that day but he was of the right mindset. That’s the mindset I want to have and the passion I want to have, and one I want others to appreciate as well. Go and take a photo. 😃

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