Website Performance Improvements



Website Performance Improvements

We understand how important first impressions are and one the internet that can be a matter of split seconds. This counts towards your websites bounce rate, which in turn affects how it performs in online search results or the ‘serps’.

We can have a look at your website and run speed checks on your site on a monthly basis helping to shop you what is slowing your site down, and what we can do to speed it up. This might be something simple such as having images that are too large, or too many plug in or something more technical.

If you want on going support to test and analyse your website we can support with that and make it all clear without any jargon. If you feel that it has not helped your site perform any faster or better then we can offer you your money back.

We can have a look at all the things causing your web page load times to be slow from the way it’s setup on the server to how your website it setup. Sometimes images take a long time to load from the server or they are just a bigger files size then they need to be. Also some WordPress themes are just really slow from the start and you may be better of choosing a new one or a premium one that’s faster.

There are loads of tools and resources online from different companies that provide lots of free advice. We want to help analyse and implement them for you, take a look at this companies video that shows you how important it is to have website the loads well and efficiently. Please get in touch with us via our contact us page and we will be happy to help you further.



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