Roaming Abroad

For many business customers, they want to be able to travel to business meetings abroad and have seamless mobile usage like at home. I understand this desire to want to connect to your customer from the minute the plane releases the seatbelt sign.

Roaming in Europe

Most networks such as Three Mobile, Vodafone for Business and EE Business have plans where you can use your mobile in Europe the same as at home. For myself, I love to travel and have used mobile networks in over 28 different countries.

When setting up your contract it’s important to plan what you will need the handset for so you can get the right contract for your needs. This avoids having to make lengthy calls to the customer service team to put it right while the user is out in the country.

Common Technical Glitches

A common issue and cause for ringing the customer service team is because the user does not have roaming enable on the device, or they need to do a manual network selection to get them back onto the network. Another common reason is that the APN Settings are not correctly provisioned for the device you have. Ideally you would want to avoid having this problem at the time by double checking this before you go.

Frequent Mobile Use Abroad

If you plan on making frequents visits to a particular country, it would be worth letting the provider know to see if there are any bolt-on for travel in that country. In many cases the network can set the bolt-on to work on a recurring basis at it might be more cost and time effective than adding it on each time or not having one at all.

Travel Outside Europe

For business trips that extend outside Europe, there might already be something included in your plan if it’s one of the more premium plans. Some websites allow you to check the coverage for roaming, for example on Vodafone they have ‘Business Traveller‘. This plan allows you to roam as you would normally for just £5 a day ex VAT, leaving you to focus on everything else.

Make use of Network Mobile Apps

It’s good to make use of the mobile apps for each network, most networks such as EE, Vodafone and Three Mobile all have mobile apps you can use to keep track of your usage. These mobile apps not only show your usage they can be useful for adding and removing bars, usage for the country you’re in and also some offers the network has for movies and restaurants.

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