What is 5G anyway?

5G or ‘fifth generation’ is going to be the next release of mobile connectivity that’s going to provide significantly faster data connections. As well as that, it will have wider coverage, and more stable connections.

It will enhance many of the more demanding thing we do on our phone such as streaming video and online games. This is promising speeds of 10 to 20 times faster than the speeds we have now. So if you want to stream HD content from Netflix it will run much better then ever before.

What will 5G be for?

As well as helping you do all the same things you do now, just much better, it will also be for driverless cars. This shows how strong and reliable the network will be, imagine how it will be for you phone! It will be a great update for online gamers as there will be a lot less latency and glitches.

Will I notice a difference?

For most smartphone users who don’t stream HD content or play games, you might not notice this initially as it’s being rolled out. 5G is going to start off being used as a way to boost 4G signal strength on some networks. This will also depend a lot on where you live and how much your network provider has invested in 5G technology.

When is it launching?

Countries around the world are starting to get setup but most are unlikely to launch 5G until 2020. The countries that are in the forefront for this are Qatar, South Korea and China, which is experimenting 5G this year.

Will I need to buy a new Smartphone?

Yes, unfortunately as the market instructive has not been setup for it yet. Good news is that it’s the same again for everyone as it was with 4G and you probably we’re not feeling more left out than anyone else. Smartphones that support 5G are unlikely to be rolled out until the networks are fully ready to support it.

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